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Knowing what you want is the first step in achieving a result

In this guide our goal is to help you find what you want


Style is the character your landscape will portray.


Gazebos, water fountains, fire pits, and raised beds

Plant Options

Color, Textures, Form, Evergreen or Perennial


Maintenance requirements ranging from low to high

Choosing A Style

  • Woodland

    Hostas, Walkways,Trees, Shade, Greenery

  • Formal

    Define Lines, Symmetry, Balance, Hedges

  • Cottage

    White Picket Fence, Roses, Benches, Cobblestone 

  • Modern

    Metals, Clean, Stone, Geometric

  • English

    Hedges, Pathways, Color, Variety

  • Japanese

    Natural Paving, Koi Pond, Soft Lines

  • Contemporary

    Natural, Wood Accents, Borders With Curves

  • Xeriscape

    Water Efficient Plants, Mulches, Functional

  • Tropical

    Layers, Bamboo, Tropical Plants, Bright Foliage

  • Townhouse

    Small Spaces, Raised Beds, Planters, Step Up Patio

  • Country

    Rustic, Farm Equipment, Fire Pit, Sunflowers

  • Eccentric

    Variety Of Style, No Axis, Unusual Colors


  • Fountain

    Adds Soothing White Noise to Help Relax

  • Waterfall

    Create a Point of Attraction in your Garden

  • Pathway

    Path Leading to, or Through Your Garden

  • Furniture

    Create a Space to Relax with Others

  • Fire Pit

    Create a Center Piece to Converse with Others

  • Lighting

    Highlight Points in your Garden with Light

  • Kitchen

    Get the Most out of your Outdoor Space

  • Decking

    Create a Spacious Area to Shelter from Elements

  • Grill

    An Outdoor Party isn't the same without a Grill

  • Raised Beds

    Bring your Beloved Plants Closer to avoid Kneeling

  • Pond

    A Pond Small or Large can be Very Attractive

  • Arbor

    Create a Showy Entrance Way


Plant Options

  • Ninebark

    Dark Foliage, Shrub, Flowering

  • Rhododendron

    Evergreen, Flowering, Changing Foliage

  • Smoketree

    Dark Foliage, Tall, Flowering

  • Holly

    Evergreen, Berries, Shrub, Privacy

  • Hibiscus

    Perennial, Flowering, Large Foliage

  • Hydrangea

    Flowering, Many Varieties, Big Color

  • Boxwood

    Borders, Hedges, Sculpting, Evergreen

  • Viburnum

    Privacy, Deer Resistant, Flowering

  • Juniper

    Special Texture, Evergreen, Privacy

  • Coreopsis

    Special Texture, Flowering, Perennial

  • Japanese Maple

    Special Color, Tree, Special Structure

  • Coneflower

    Flowering, Low Maintenance


  • Mulch

    Keeping Moisture in and Weeds Out

  • Pests

    Plant Accordingly if Pests are a Concern

  • Fall Cleanup

    More Deciduous Plants means more Fall Cleanup

  • Fertilizer

    Man Made products to Keep up with Plants

  • Pruning

    Trim or Cut Away Growth for Shape or Size

  • Light Requirements

    Some Plants need a Lot some need Little

  • Water Requirements

    Not too wet, Not too dry, Just Enough

  • Overgrowth

    Adjust and Prune as they Grow to Avoid Replacing

  • Composting

    Utilize Waste to Recycle and Save Resources

  • Weeding

    Keeping up with Weeding Saves on Labor

  • Edging

    Keeping a Yard out of Your Garden is Important

  • Deadheading

    Prolong Flowering Times with some Deadheading