Landscape Design

A Beautiful Landscape Doesn't Happen by Chance

Not only will a great landscape look good but can greatly increase the Value & Overall Look of your home/property.

Step by Step Design Planning

1. Consultation - I personally come meet with you to discuss general features we can implement to create a design that is right for you and your property.


  • Plant Options - A selection of plant varieties will be determined based of soil type, amount of sun, region and of course what aligns with your taste.


  • Hardscapes - Features such as waterscapes, fireplaces, and patios will be implemented if so desired or suggested to create an overall appeal.


  • Terrain - Sometimes terrain is something a design has to work around. Retaining walls, dry creeks, and water features are great at sculpting your land into something environmentally friendly while looking good all at once.

2. Layout - This step is to allow the client to see a general layout using terrain, plant options, and hardscapes to make any changes before any intricate designing is done.

3. Final Design - Once a layout is determined a detailed 3D and 2D design is put together to aid homeowners and business owners in seeing their property as it could be.

4 Principles To Follow When Designing A Landscape

  • Balance - When creating a layout it is important to create equilibrium whether the design is

Symmetrical (Items located around a central location)

Asymmetrical (Items appear equal but are not identically arranged)


  • Unity - Picking a theme is very important for your landscape, sometimes using too many species of plants or even types of material will remove the natural niche of nature creating an unappealing appearance. 


  • Contrast - Bringing just enough variation to a landscape will help the eye naturally find distinction and want to view the entirety of the design.


  • Depth - Designing a wide landscape can be difficult if a focal point is not used to draw the eye to while also implementing height variations. This will allow your angle of viewing to have a sense of depth and keep a landscape from looking jumbled.

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