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Mulching bed around hostas and wheelbarr


TLC is key to a healthy garden

Steps to assuring any garden can thrive

Mulching bed around hostas and wheelbarr

Your Garden is Alive

Like all living things, plants need care too.  Assuring plants are in a happy place where they can thrive is just the start.



Straw, Pine Needles, Wood Chips, Shredded Bark the list goes on. A healthy application of mulch when needed goes a long way and could be the number 1 maintenance tip for keeping a healthy garden

Image by Daniel Tuttle


Weeds are the kryptonite to a garden, when they are maintained it's manageable but if left to grow seeds can lay and germinate in your beds leading to twice as many as before leading to a number of fungal and pest problems

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Trimming and Pruning is easily overlooked; ever see a beautiful Japanese Maple with great form and growth? It didn't form this way from this way on it's own, it was trimmed into this shape. As goes for other hardwood shrubs and trees in the garden directional pruning and trimming is important to keep from out of control growth.

White Hydrangeas

Fertilization & Composting

Mulch does a good job at improving soil fertility but some plants require some extra care to give a lush appearance, especially shrubs and perennials that flower.


Additional Services

  • Bed Edging

  • Spring Cleanup

  • Fall Cleanup

  • Disease Treatments

  • Fungal Treatments

  • Dead Heading

  • Pest Treatment

  • Transplanting

  • De-Limbing Tree's

  • Staking

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