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Landscape Assessment Program

Understanding the importance of maintaining your landscape and recognizing early signs of issues is crucial for a healthy outdoor environment.


Our landscape assessment program is designed to offer comprehensive insights into the health and maintenance needs of your property's landscape. By identifying potential issues early on and providing valuable recommendations, we help you prevent problems from worsening, ultimately saving you time and money.

X3 Visits Annually

10% OFF All Additional Projects

Garden & Lawn Fertilization Included

Drainage Assessment

  • Checked effectiveness of drainage systems.

  • Identified any areas of standing water or poor drainage.

  • Recommendations provided for improvements or modifications.

Yard Assessment

  • Inspected overall condition of yard.

  • Noted any areas of erosion or soil compaction.

  • Recommendations provided for lawn care or restoration.

Lighting Assessment

  • Evaluated effectiveness of current lighting.

  • Lighting sufficient for plant and tree growth.

  • Recommendations provided for adjustments or bulb replacements if needed.

Hardscape Assessment

  • Checked condition of hardscape elements (e.g., pathways, patios, Retaining Walls).

  • Identified any damage or safety hazards.

  • Recommendations provided for repairs or maintenance.

Ground Cover Assessment

  • Reviewed quality and depth of mulch or ground cover.

  • Ensured proper coverage around plants and trees.

  • Recommendations provided for replenishment or adjustments.

Soil Moisture Testing

  • Conducted soil moisture test.

  • Soil moisture levels within optimal range.

  • Recommendations provided for watering schedule if necessary.

Plant & Tree Assessment

  • Examined health and vigor of plants and trees.

  • Identified signs of disease, pests, or nutrient deficiencies.

  • Recommendations provided for treatment or pruning.

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$300 Annually

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About Us

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Owner, Austin

At Greenscape Outdoors, we’re a team driven by passion and experience. With Austin’s deep roots in landscaping since 2009 and Noah’s integral role, we ensure smooth operations both on-site and in sales. Our focus on quality is reflected in our 45+ five-star reviews, and we take pride in innovating landscape solutions for healthy, thriving outdoors spaces. Join us as we continue to grow and improve the landscapes around us.
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